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Exentrique is a luxury skincare brand that is hypoallergenic and has great morals. Our products are free from any animal derivaties and our brand will always be cruelty free.

We are a brand that people can trust. My main objective is to create a company that inspires people and gives people a voice. We currently have 3 products but will expand this into a full range.


Our products avoid any known allergens or any chemicals that are known to have potenial risk. We are also a completely nut free company and won't be putting nut oils in any of our products.


Our Exentrique marketing strategy is being split into chapters. Each collection or product launch will be a new chapter, representing an issue we want to shed some light on. The cleanser, toner and moisturiser create chapter 1, strip. Strip represents the idea that we are all beautiful, regardless of size, ethnicity, beliefs and so on but not just these common “labels” but burn victims, sufferers of severe acne and skin conditions too. Strip is about all of us being able to show our true colours, have confidence in who we are and campaign for the belief in inclusiveness. I strongly believe that as the company grows, we will have the power to break down the stigmas attached to our society and the labels that we are all given on a daily basis. Following chapters will include topics such as pride and mental health.


Danika Woods
My name is Danika Woods and I set up Exentrique in 2017.

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Exentrique Limited

24 The Shires



Tel: 07904465866 07904465866

Email: danika@exentrique.com




Both the cleanser and toner have been fully formulated, the moisturiser is now in SPF testing..


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