Strip is the first chapter of the Exentrique journey. We are using our first launch to campaign against negative labels around appearances and skin conditions. We believe in making people feel their best no matter what. Our skin is our mask and it's easy to feel conscious of yourself. When we strip it all back, who decides what's attractive and what isnt? we are all the same. We are all humans and we are all beautiful.



It is so important to clean your skin morning and night. A good cleanser will remove any trace of makeup or dirt that has built up in the pores. It will leave the skin feeling clean, healthy and will give you a great glow.


Toner is amazing for closing up the pores after cleansing. Open pores allows bacteria to get in, causing breakouts. Especially in a spray format, a toner is refreshing and compliments the cleanser perfectly.


Finding a moisturiser you're satisfied with can be difficult. We think it is so important to have a long lasting, fast absorbing cream that makes your skin feel and look amazing whilst protecting it.

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