Happiness looks gorgeous on you

We believe there is beauty in building peoples confidence, supporting expression, kindness and freedom to decide what it all means to you. Wash away beauty standards with Exentrique!

Our Values
  • Kiran

    Exentrique is my go to brand for moisturiser and cleanser!I absolutely adore the smell and texture of both!I’ve tried both expensive and cheap moisturisers and cleansers and this trumps them all completely!The customer service is second to none! She’s a lovely brand owner and is so passionate about her brand!

  • Genna

    I would definitely recommend exentrique.I have purchased the moisturiser and cleanser twice now having received the moisturiser originally as a gift from my Aunty.The products themselves are fab - I have acne prone, oily skin and have struggled finding other products. Lots of items tried in the past dried my skin out or caused breakouts. I have seen an improvement since using exentrique and find the consistency just right! Also, the smell of the moisturiser is lovely.The deliveries are also very smooth and receive them very soon after ordering. The packaging is lovely - love the way it highlights the brand ethos too.

  • Mim

    This product has completely changed my relationship with my skin. Starting and ending the day with this cleanser has enabled me to appreciate every inch of my face, as the soft and gentle consistency makes for the perfect mini massage aid. Plus, it smells divine. Can’t recommend enough 🌟