Happiness looks gorgeous on you

We believe there is beauty in building peoples confidence, supporting expression, kindness and freedom to decide what it all means to you. Wash away beauty standards with Exentrique!

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A creamy and wonderfully soothing cleanser that's gentle on this skin and is great for taking make up off or general daily cleansing. Expect this barrier protecting wash to leave your skin glowing, feeling fresh, hydrated and clean without that squeaky, tight feeling.



A super hydrating and fast absorbing daily moisturiser that's designed to protect the skin's barrier from weather and pollution. Expect a light, fresh scent and accompanied by a gorgeous glow finish. 

  • Josh

    10/10. By far the best moisturiser out there. From a person who gets spots and suffers with dry skin regularly, Exentrique not only nourishes may skin, but also leaves me free from shaving rashes. I can't recommend this product enough.

  • Paige

    I have had numerous orders from Exentrique and am always so happy to receive them from how much it has improved my skin to how stunning the packaging is! My skin has been flawless since I started using the products and have finally got a natural glow to my skin.

  • Mim

    This product has completely changed my relationship with my skin. Starting and ending the day with this cleanser has enabled me to appreciate every inch of my face, as the soft and gentle consistency makes for the perfect mini massage aid. Plus, it smells divine. Can’t recommend enough 🌟